About Mandy

13335518_689130281229118_3856783586497339102_nVocal tones can be used therapeutically to heal the mind, body and spirit. This is a spiritual practice for me. Singing into a frame drum creates a unique resonance which is ideal for meditation and prayer.

You will find an array of material here. Some songs are sacred mantras set to music, some are original chants, and others are expressions of whatever comes to mind at the timeā€”an “utterance of the soul”, if you will.

Chanting into my frame drum is one of the most vulnerable, sacred, and enjoyable things I do. Put simply, it heals me. It is an emotional outpouring of the things for which I cannot find words in my limited human form. It is my truest prayer it may bring you some joy, as well.

If you live in the Nashville area, and would like to schedule a personal session, please contact me directly.